How I built a HUGE network 👇

The Investor Advisor
2 min readMar 7, 2022

When I came to Norway in 2014, I did not have a network, I did not speak Norwegian and I did not have a relevant experience in running a business.

But… My biggest dream was to have my own business.

To accelerate my path, I realized that I needed to learn from others.


I needed to build my network.

But how?

I like to maximize my time and impact.

So I told myself:

“Here are 2 problems you need to solve:

1. You can not go from door to door asking startups to share their knowledge with you.

2. There must be more people like you who want to learn and build their network with their peers.

So what can you do? “

Aha moment 💡

Under the shower, I remember 😅🚿

“ If I organize a networking event for entrepreneurs… let’s say a monthly event, where they can build their network around some drinks 🍻 … that sounds fun, no? Some might show up.”

I decided to give it a try.

I created a Facebook page.

Called it DrinkEntrepreneurs Oslo, that’s pretty clear.

I created an event page and I started to promote the event on Facebook groups for entrepreneurs.

2 weeks later, I was at the venue, a bar in the center of Oslo.

I told myself if 5 entrepreneurs show up, I will be happy.

Over 70 showed up!

After that, every month, approx 100 founders and aspiring entrepreneurs were attending my events.

9 months later, with a team in place, we were hosting over 300 people 💥

That’s how I built my network extremely quickly in Norway.

That’s how I started to build a strong personal brand.

That’s how I started engaging with entrepreneurs, advising them and investing in some.

Most importantly, being close to my community allowed me to understand the problems they had and build other solutions to solve their challenges 🙏

To sump up, if you want to start a business:

1. Define a clear problem to solve 💯

2. Start with a solution easy to implement 🧩

3. Build relationships with your potential clients before building the solution 🤝

4. Co-create with your customers, listen and care. Let them help you create the solution they want ❤️


If you want to build your network and learn how to start and grow your business check out